The best part about running is carboloading.” I wrote that on my facebook wall a long time ago. I still subscribe to that until now. hence, I run. I run so that I can eat what I can. I believe in balance. I count my calorie intake so that I can burn them by running.

I used to be fat. Very fat. Used to wear either large or extra large shirts. I was no longer happy with how I look so I decided to lose weight. I enrolled in a gym, consulted a nutritionist, got myself a personal trainer and started losing weight. I lost around 40 lbs and am now wearing either small or medium shirts. I even joined a body competition once to really push myself harder.

Part of the regimen prescribed to me by my trainer is doing a 5K run every day. I got bored running in a threadmill so I decided to run a race in December 2009. Yes Run was my 1st race. It was my 1st 5K race. After that, I did 5K runs, moved to 10Ks, 15Ks then a half marathon, and eventually, a full marathon. A year after my 1st 5K, I did my 1st full marathon. I finished it in an hour and 4 minutes. It was very painful but the feeling of accomplishment was just so great that I did another full three months after. my second full marathon was a sub 4 (3:54).

So this blog is going to be about my passion for running and carboloading!


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