Dear Team Marquez

This morning, Lear was asking me – ano na plano mo Kap? Ano nga ba?

When I think of Team Marquez I think of friends training together and supporting each other in achieving our goals. Our triathlon goals. Last year, our goals were to do our 1st triathlons and some wanted to finish the Ironman. As a team we also wanted to make the team more visible.

We started as a team of newbies. Most of us were Milo Apex runners who wanted to exceed ourselves by adding two more sports to running. As newbies we formed our team in the pool where we were learning to swim. Some couldn’t even float when we started and I think we all agree that we all did learn to float and swim.

As newbies, some of us get lost in bike terms especially the number-letter combos. Some didn’t even own a bike. Now my letter and word vocabulary (spf + number) is now enriched i.e. 10 spd. Most of us don’t just own bikes but are already upgrading their bikes if not buying their Nth bike.

We have all reached our goals for our first year. Most of us did our first triathlons. Some of us finished the Ironman. Some did their first relay triathlons. Some achieved their running personal bests. We managed to get sponsorships. We now have 1,243 likes in our Facebook page. We have had inquiries from people wanting to be part of our team. And more importantly, we are now in the options for teams in the Tri United registration page! We all did this together. Training together and supporting each other with the untiring support and love of our Coach Romy.

So what are the plans for this year? We are no longer newbies so we need to exceed ourselves (sorry I just have to use that Unilab Active Health line)! We need to support each other to be stronger, better athletes. We need to make Coach Marquez proud. We are no longer training to finish but to finish strong. Stronger than our firsts. Let us aim to be known as the strong team as we are no longer the new team.

How? With Coach Romy’s help, we will have a program for the team. It will be the minimum requirement then some options for the stronger ones and the new ones. These are just of course the swim bike run distances and maybe speed. With the help of our team mates who are running coaches (take note Bob and McCoy), we will also schedule wasakan sessions at least twice a month or maybe more. We will also explore other options for us to be stronger like see if there are trial yoga or cross fit sessions that we can do together.

We need to let each other know how far we’ve trained. We need to tell everyone of our milestones in training or in races. We are already doing that but we need for it to be captured in a training log (i.e. Daily mile) so that we have a record. We have to come up with a reward system for members who keep exceeding themselves so that we are motivated. We need to have an exchange of ideas on how this will be done but the point is for us to be competing with ourselves and get rewards for doing so.

As a team we need to be more proactive and more aggressive. We need to look back at our experiences from last year and see what we can do better. I need to plan earlier for events. First we need to get a list of events we will be joining for the coming year and talk about who leads the logistics for each event. We need to take advantage of our group page and make it a resource. Make it the GO-TO place if we need information on the races we are joining. Logistics, who’s joining who, training, tips, that needs to be captured in the group page. As an example, we need an early preparation for our next tri suit. We will aim to have it made by May for us to wear them in TU2. This means we need to scout potential sponsors and do the initial legwork with Lloyd’s support.

We need to be more visible. We need for the TM brand to be seen. We managed to have a Q&A with coach published this year and we will aim for more. Let us aim for a magazine feature. To do this we need to make update our blog. We need to write our personal profiles and publish it in the Team Blog with Karen’s help. We need to use our hash tag #TeamMarquez and #TeamMarquezMultisport more in our Instagram and Facebook posts.

We also need new members. Let us support newbies and expand our networks. We need new people for us to grow and for them to grow with us.

Ang dami na. Napapagod na ako sa mga plano natin pero alam ko na kaya natin ito. We can do this because we care for each other. We want our team mates and our team to be better. We are all in this together guys so let’s do this!

Love, love, love!


About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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