The 3-Day Detox

A year ago I was planning to do detox during the holy week break. I was thinking of the juice options but found them to be very expensive. Friends had recommendations i.e. cabbage soup and I tried doing them and failed. This year, since I did not make plans for the holy week, I was more determined to do it. I have no juicer so I searched for options and found this

It looked doable as there are options for those who don’t have juicers and there is variety so I started shopping for ingredients before the shops close on holy week. The first thing I looked for were barley grass or wheatgrass powder and spirulina powder which I am sure I saw in the weekend Market in the neighborhood. I didn’t see them on the market but I found juice with barley grass and berries which I thought was ok so I bought 3 bottles for my breakfast.

Ginger and Lemon

By Holy Wednesday, I already have all the ingredients I need for the detox except for rawalmonds so I opted for the ones I found in the grocery which are salted. I started following the plan on Thursday by starting my day with the ginger lemon drink. It needs a lot of getting used to but I was able to finish the drink and started preparing the stuff I need for the three days. I was busy cleaning and chopping vegetables on Thursday and by Thursday afternoon, all my meals were prepared.

The juice I got from the weekend market tasted great and provided me with the energy I needed to prepare my food. Celery sticks were a challenge for snacks. The Sushi salad for lunch felt incomplete. I felt like something is missing but I just had to be contented with it. I had leftover pineapples in my fridge and was so tempted to finish them but I ended up throwing them so that I would stick to my meal plan. I just stayed in my couch the whole day not thinking of doing anything as I was afraid I might not have the energy to do it or my stomach might react to the detox. I was able to do my laundry and go to church on Thursday without stomach problems. The soup was ok. It was not a treat but it was good. The Chia pudding was the winner. It was so great!

I was surprised when I woke up Friday that I felt energized so I went for a bike ride in BGC. I was planning to do 50K but I got a flat tire after 22K. I didn’t have a spare tire with me so I started running while pushing my bike. I intended to get a cab but I reached McKinley running so I decided to complete 5K running then just walk the route home which is around 2K more walking. I think it was the Chia pudding that gave me the energy boost. The morning was spent sleeping and watching TV after the cycling and the running. Afternoon, I cleaned my place and was already hungry at 2PM. I went to the convenience store looking for Buko juice but the Buko Juice had sugar in it so I opted for the all natural, 37 Calories Bayani Brew lemon grass tea instead. That was my only departure from the plan.

Saturday, I was feeling energized again so I went for a long ride using my other bike. This time I made sure I had my spare inner tube with me before leaving home. I was able to do 61K on my bike. I finished all the vegetable sticks and added more sprouts on my lunch salad. I also drank green tea after lunch. With shops already open, I had my bike cleaned and had the flat tire replaced then watched a movie feeling excited to go back to normal programming the next day.

Sunday, I had rice for breakfast. It felt heavy and I felt full almost all morning. Of course I had coffee after breakfast and some ensaymada to go with it. Still full, I had brunch with friends and had unlimited bubbly at 11AM. Great food, unlimited spirits, I was drunk at around 2PM! I went home and slept and woke up still feeling the effect of alcohol at 4PM. I had anothe cup of coffee while waiting for my barber to be free hoping it will make the effect of alcohol go down. I went home still drunk after the barber shop and doing grocery shopping for the week.


The alcohol subsided after dinner. It was also when the caffeine kicked in. I had a hard time sleeping! Hence my realisation: detox should not be followed by drinking alcohol and caffeine!

So did it work? I think I lost weight although I have no way of finding out as I did not get baseline data. I am more comfortable with this pair of pants now compared to last week. I am currently wearing a small sized shirt and am comfortable in it. Colleagues noted that I looked slimmer.


About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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