The Active Mind and Body Challenge

Week 4 of my 8-week. Program says I need to do a 20K LSD. Then a Bards tells me there is the Endure Active Mind and Body Challenge 10K run on Sunday. We (Me, Rod, Bards who were staying in one room in Coron) agreed to do the run so I planned for the additional 10K.

Rod will run going home after the 10K. The race starts late (5:45) so I decided to run going to the starting line to make it a 20K run. I set my alarm a little earlier so that I will have some time before the race starts.

The night before the race, I passed by the route I was planning to take on the way to the starting line. It was dark! So I had to change my route last minute. I decided to do loops around my block before heading for The Fort through McKinley Road.

McKinley was well lit. There was on-going road construction as well. I was on my 7th kilometre when I tripped on something that made me roll on the pavement. I got up immediately, picked-up my hydration bottle and gave the thumbs up to the car that stopped to check if I am OK.

“I’m good!” I told them then started running again. I let them pass me then I stopped to check if there was blood on my lips or my face. Only my left knee and right elbow had a scratch so after pouring water on my sandy body parts, I resumed my run.

I saw the obstacles being set up on my way to the starting line. I wanted to stop by an ambulance nad have my wounded knee treated but decided to go toa convenience store instead to buy something to treat my wound. I was actually looking for a mirror to check on myself.  🙂

Looks like everything was ok as the staff in the convenience store didn’t see a wound in my face and my gums were’nt bleeding so I went to the starting line and looked for Bards and Rod to get my race bib.

I saw a lot of familiar faces in the starting line. I waited for a few more minutes then off we went. Inflatables lined up the first part of the route. It was fun bouncing and crawling through them. This is something I didn’t have growing up so I was having a great time. Tires were ok and I got the right answer in the mind challenges so I didn’t get to do the rope thing and the monkey bars. Hurdles and the maze were good but Inflatables were the best! I wonder if there’s one fo adults anywhere?

So that was my 20K LSD story. I ended it with a sample of Ensure vanilla. It was good. I was thinking – “So this is how it tastes if it is taken through the mouth.” Yeah I consumed litres of ensure a couple of years back but I was taking it through an NGT. It was a bit frustrating because it smelled good but I wasn’t able to taste it. It remained in my things to buy list after operation but I never really got to buy them.

My knee still hurt but yeah I am all good. Ready for this week’s training program.


About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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