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“If I don’t qualify for Milo finals, there are still other eliminations I can join. Will try my best to qualify!”

Sofitel Run

Those were my last sentences in my recent post about the Milo Marathon Manila eliminations. I didn’t qualify for the finals so the next thing I did was decide where I could try and qualify for that finals. Tagbilaran was a popular place based on friends’ suggestions as they say the route is flat. So I decided to do it there – Qualify for the Milo Finals in Tagbilaran.

5 October is the schedule for Tagbilaran. Hence I have a week to rest then my training starts immediately. I was looking for a 1:30 finish time program but most of them are 12-week programs. I am 4 weeks short. So I went to my running coach and asked for an 8-week program that would guarantee a 1:30 finish for me. He gave me my 1st week program last week and I religiously followed it. Set my alarm to 4:15 every morning and did what he asked me to do – easy runs, speed drills, workouts.

I signed up for a 21K on 17 August and I decided to make it a test run. If I finish sub 2 (which I never did this year) then maybe I could qualify for the Tagbilaran eliminations. I checked for hotels and flights to Tagbilaran but I waited until this Sunday before firming up plans.

I was with colleagues from the office at the starting line. I greeted Milo Apex friends who were also running the same distance. I stayed at the back of the pack so I reached the starting line 2 minutes after the gun start. Then there I was running. Trying to calculate my speed so that I could hit the sub 2 time. It was a good run. The flyovers were manageable. I tried my best to stop only at water stations. On the 16K point, I was already sure that I will finish within target time so I slowed down a bit. I walked a bit knowing that I still could reach my target.

I crossed the finish line with 1:58 on the clock. If I pushed harder, I know I could finish 5-10 minutes faster. Sofitel Manila half marathon was a good race. I finished my 1st Sub 2 21K this year. More importantly, I am quite confident that after my 8-week program, I will qualify for the Milo Finals. Now I need to finalise travel plans and register for the Tagbilaran race.




About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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