Iron Man Weekend

Completing the Iron Man is part of my bucket list.

My plan is to do it next year if I get enough money to buy a bike this year. So while I am still saving for that bike, I started swim training and joined Team Marquez. I was support crew for the team when they joined Tri United 2 last June and I enjoyed doing it. Watching the race made me want to have that bike as soon as possible so that I could start using my Team Marquez tri suit without feeling like a poser.


Team Marquez


Most of The team

So team mates were joining Iron Man so I kinda influenced other team mates to go to Cebu and watch. I bought tickets and made plans with two other friends and we were all set. Something happened and then I was left with a plane ticket and a hotel reservation all by myself.

In one of our weekend brunches (Me, Rod and Bards), I mentioned to friends that “I will be alone in my cheap room in Cebu for the weekend.” They felt bad for me and decided to join me as I expected them to. So there I was with a cheap hotel and rich friends who wanted to go to Cebu, chill in the beach and enjoy the food. Yeah Iron Man is still in the agenda but it was more of going to the expo and check cheap stuff like running shoes.

They got themselves tickets and we made day tour reservations which is almost the same as my 2-day cheap accommodations.

I was the first person to land in Cebu (others were coming the following day). Went to the cheap hotel and found out why it was cheap. Even if I called earlier to inform them that I need an extra bed, they informed me when I arrived that they no longer have an extra bed and that – “Magsiksikan na lang kayo sir.” Well being a cheap hotel, that was kinda expected. The room was not really good so I asked friends who were in Manila to find a new hotel for us.

The next day, I checked out and went to Waterfront Hotel in the airport to wait for friends and have buffet breakfast. We came in different airlines and different times as well. Bards was already in the hotel lobby when I got to Waterfront. Rod’s flight was delayed so we had a lot of time to enjoy Waterfront’s buffet breakfast. The plan was to check-in then go to Crimson beach for a day tour.


Buffet Breakfast


Summer feel


Me and my beer

Oh the Sweets

Buffet Lunch

Before 12 noon, we were already in the Crimson resort having beers by the beach. The weather was really great! While Manila had rains, Cebu felt like it was summer again! It was an ideal day. Drinking beer by the beach, blue skies, buffet lunch and a great pool. I saw triathletes relaxing and that kinda made me in-touch with the reason I was there for the weekend. After lunch and a few laps in the pool, we decided to go check the expo.

Saw friends in the expo. I also saw a beautiful pair of running shoes. They were on sale but they’re not that cheap at all. I was that close to buying it but then I decided not to. I gave myself a tap on my back for not splurging. I went out of the expo without any purchase. Greeted friends. Wished them a strong finish then we went back to the city to check in and prepare for dinner.


Barbecue Dinner


Cafe NoriterCafe Noriter


Dinner was not a buffet. It was a barbecue dinner and it was so good! We wandered around the mall then had coffee in Cafe Noriter.

Sunday was the race day but we were no where near the race route. We stayed in our room, had breakfast in a nearby coffee shop, then went malling until we got hungry and had lechon for lunch.


Babe, the pig that was

We stayed in another coffee shop people watching until we got tired and went to the airport. “Did you compete?” Someone asked me at the airport while waiting for my flight (I was the last one to leave Cebu as the two others had earlier flights). “No, I just ate,” I replied with a smile. “But I plan to do next year,” I added.

Well of course there will always be that plan. And yeah I want to do it next year so now I need to look for a cheap bike and start training. But before that… I need to lose the weight I gained from this weekend. 😀



About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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