Guilty Day 3

Day 3 ended with me feeiling guilty. I was feeling guilty because I ate 2 biscottis. I don’t know what’s in this Gloria Jean’s biscotti that I somehow got addicted to it. Gloria Jean’s is the coffee shop in the groundfloor of the hotel where my gym is. It is the stall you see as you enter and the first thing you see are their cakes and muffins. So I once bought a biscotti and liked it with my coffee then I saw myself getting it more often as a pre-workout snack.

Earlier this week, I passed by a 7eleven store on my way to the gym. I was looking for a pre-workout snack. Nature Valley was on my mind but they no longer have it in 7eleven. So I bought the cookie two days ago then I bought the biscotti yesterday. Why are ther no Nature Valley energy bars in 7eleven!?

Biscottis are packed two slices in one package. When I bought one yesterday the plan was to save the other one for today but I lost control and ate it anyway. So yeah why are there no energy bars in 7eleven?

I was feeling a bit slow and tired. I was supposed to do 10-12K but I was feeling weak. As I was about to cancel my running plan, I remembered the biscotti and thought they could easily be around 150 calories each so I must at least burn those extra calories. I ran I was feeling tired and slow but yeah I still managed to run. I got tired though so I just managed to do a 5K.

I worked-out with my trainer. I was not that strong. It was difficult to lift (or maybe the weights are just heavier than usual). Yeah I was weak 😦 so I can say I am not that strong guy who did not return the weights on the rack. I managed to finish the workout and I was so looking forward to dinner.

Of course because of this need to lose weight and the nutritional counselling session, you feel lost. You don’t know where to eat as the mall will be closing in 30 minutes. So I went to this Chinese restaurant and looked for something I can eat in the menu. Steamed food is healthy food right? So I got some congee and some steamed dumpling and some soy milk. Oops the milk was 500 ml!

So there I was at the end of the day, I ate an extra biscotti (thanks to 7eleven), I did not run the distance on my training program, I felt weak during workout, and I drank 500ml soy milk! I felt I need to compensate. So I walked home. I walked 3 more kilometers and slept well.

That was day 3!



About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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