Children and the Bathroom Floor Drain

Some observations this weekend. They are totally two different things but I thought of them in the same weekend šŸ˜€

Children and Coins

Its the season when people becomes generous again. Everyone seem to be in the malls buying presents. Conversations in jeepney would be about gifts and shopping for them. Traffic is at its heaviest and the queus in the malls are the longest.

As an effect of the season, a lot of kids are also out on the streets. TheĀ  envelopes saying “Ate, Kuya pahingi naman po ng barya (o buo) pang baon po sa eskwela” in jeepneys has been replaced with boxes saying “Merry Christmas po!” The kids singing carols on the streets no longer sing. They just knock on the car or approach you to ask for money – “pahingi pong piso” or even “kuya pahinging lima.”

Because of the number of kids in the streets, they are not confined to the sidewalks. They are also in the middle of the roads! Just this weekend I saw a kid almost ran over by a cab because the boy was in the middle of the road! He seem to be enjoying it as he was laughing the whole time and he never retreated to the sidewalk.

It made meĀ give a short homily to a friend who was drivingĀ – “See what you’re doing? You are putting the lives of this kids in danger by encouraging them to beg in the streetsĀ with your 5-peso coin! What if that kid got ran over?” Of course my friend did not give money to the kid but he did hand a coin to a little girl who knocked on the car’s window.

“You don’t have to be here, girl. This is a line for cabs so cabs naturally queu in to get passengers. They don’t need you waving at them. Go home and sleep.” I told a girl outside the mall the other night. Of course the girl was there because people being extra generous would hand her coins.

What I am trying to say here is that it is good to be generous but be responsible. Responsible generosity if you may call it that requires you to give your coins not to children on the street but to organizations keeping them out of the street. Giving them money would just encourage them to stay there. Of course they may have a sad story to tell but you will never know.

Let us keep those kids out of the streets please. Don’t give them money. Don’t encourage them to beg. The coin you give might be the cause of being ran over by a jeepney.

Drain Drain Drain

Now the bathroon floor drain. This has always been a problem as it has become a bit slow in doing its job. I think I may have been the cause of the clogging last weekend. See, I shaved my head in the bathroom where I always do it. I try my best to direct them to the toilet bowl so that it can be flushed later when i’m done. but of course hair will be all over the place especially when there was not enough power in the shaver that I had to stop with half of my head shaved and wait for like an hour before resuming my shaving.

Naturally the hair goes to the drain. Then the drain slows down in getting water out of the floor. Soza would have done the trick but by some stroke of ingenuity, I picked up the tile cleaner ang poured them on the drain. Then the draining process became much more slower until the thing got clogged.

What did I just do? Well the cleaner is very effective hence I think when I poured it on the drain, it must have cleaned the tube and the residue from the cleaning clogged the drain. So there I was waiting for hours for the water from my bathroom floor to be drained. It stayed overnight but still there was water.

I was prepared with the Soza but there was still water. Alas I saw the dust pan and discovered how I can use it to get rid of the standing water. Water gone, I poured Soza and the drain is functioning well again!

Lesson learnt: do not pour cleaner on the drain. It might clog the thing.


About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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