Macau International Marathon 2012

Should be Marathon +3

Should be Marathon +3

How on earth did they mix up the distance?

Well yeah on the 31st Macau International marathon something went wrong and the runners ran 45 kilometers instead of 42 kilometers. I can’t get over the fact myself but yeah somebody (i.e. one of those fast runners) made the wrong turn and the marshalls who were in almost every corner of the route made the wrong signal hence the additional three kilometers.

The runners should know the route

That was what the organizers said in one of the news articles about the error. They of course blamed the early gun start and the rain. Yeah blame it on the rain! Looking at the news about the marathon, the fast runners were Ethiopians and Kenyans who I guess just went to Macau for the Marathon. How on earth would they be familiar with the route? I myself would rely on the directions coming from marshalls and remember the instruction given to athletes is to follow the “Controllers’ indications.”

I could go on with my rants but why am I ranting? It is because I was one of those who ran the extra 3 kilometers. I trained for the marathon and I was all set for a personal record. I was there to beat my personal best of 3:54!

I knew something was wrong when the kilometer markers did not match the distance I ran according to my Garmin. My garmin is rather old so I just thought that there is something wrong with it (it registered 44.8 when I crossed the finish line). I blamed the cold weather as I am from warm and sunny Philippines.

I got really disappointed when my finish time (4:16) was the same finish time I got for the Run United Philippine Marathon. I started walking after running for 21 kilometers in that race as I intended it to be a long run in preparation for Macau.

What really breaks my heart is the fact that my friends were not allowed to finish. They were asked to take the bus on kilometer 35 (strictly it was kilometer 37) as stated in the instructions given to athletes. The chances of them finishing the marathon within cut-off would have been greater if the distance was accurate.

I finished the race, got my medal and my finisher’s shirt. I finished disappointed that I was no where near my best time. This is my first Macau and my first cold marathon experience. Maybe I should find another cold place to run (other than Macau) next time.


About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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3 Responses to Macau International Marathon 2012

  1. Szeto, H.K. says:


    Dear the Macau Marathon fellow, running mate
    My name is Szeto, 司徒, H.K., from H.K., (香港)
    i am just a little bit in front of you, in the Macau Marathon, 2nd Dec. 2012, ranked 303, timed 4-15-43, 26 seconds before you; you can find that in the Macau Marathon web

    judging from your time records mentioned above, i was 6-7 minutes bebind you in the 20km mark, also, same as you, obviously affected by the extra and confused routing and the wet and heavier ball shoes
    i have to spend more than 12 min. in the first km mark
    i didnt go to toilet in the whole marathon, bearing in mind my previous H.K. marathon experiences, and intentionally not to drink too much this time,
    but because of the wetted shoes, need to adjust and tie up the shoes again and again 4 to 5 times along the whole race.
    because of the confused routing, and thus i lost the feel of the way / direction in the 20 something km distance, and thus the speed and pace, i was a little bit down and collapsed going upwards the bridge the third time, (because at this time, i was VITALLY WRONG thinking that the organiser was RIGHT and didnt make any mistake and they intentionally amended the initial route of the marathon, and will shorten the course of the second lap of the race)

    because of this, at about 36km, whilst the fourth time going up the bridge, i have to decelerate, from less than 6 min. / km to more than 6 min. / km
    at this moment, i was thinking, and trying hard, to finishing the race within 4-15, but at last failed, because of the decelerating speed (my PB is 3-58-30 in HK)

    because of this, the lowered speed, i noticed, at this moment, once climbed up the bridge, that means this fourth time, to my surprise, there were still runners, several in no., on the opposite side of the bridge, on the way to go down the bridge the third time, because i was thinking that other runners behind US would not be so many km(s) behind; however, at second thought, (my mental calculation is quite good, which is already a very humble comment) they still have, at this moment, perhaps about 35 or 40 min. to cross the 35km 4hour-15min barrier
    according to my mental calculcation, the runners behind this initial few, this several in no., will be very difficult to reach the barrier; or otherwise if they can push their respective limits to get past the 35km barrier, they cant finish the race within the next 45 min.

    lastly, cant you remember there was a young and handsome man, in short sleeve orange T-shirt and purple shorts, without hat, black ball shoe, 5 foot 9, medium size trunk, not very long black hair, of Chinese descent, in very toiling facial expression (if you can notice that from the back), running at a speed of more than 6 min per km, bib no. A4006, in front of you, whilst you were finishing the race in the sports ground


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