RUPM 2012

When I first saw this marathon on Facebook, I thought I won’t be running it. I had other plans for 28 October at that time. The plan was to train hard and run in the Iloilo Milo marathon eliminations. Then there was this training I was supposed to attend and before I knew it, I was signing up for the RUPM.

The new route and the medal did not really excite me. It just so happened that I was training for a marathon with a 5-hour cut-off so simulating it would be a good idea right? I was actually a bit worried as the marathons I ran after my operation were all more than 5 hours. Of course I was pacing a friend in one of them but who knows right?

My training program now with Milo Apex Running school is not my usual 8K, 12K, and 16K or more. It is all workout and short runs with long runs happening only on weekends. The longest I ran so far was 20K a week before the marathon.

So yeah I decided to have a simulation and decided it to be in the RUPM. I wore the clothes I will be wearing in the Macau marathon so that I will also have an idea and make the necessary adjustments. Pickles worked for me in preventing cramps so I started eating them and having lots of bananas as well. My plan was to run a sub2 21K and start a walk-run interval after the 21K mark.

The run started well. I was surprised that my average pace for the 1st 10K was 5:10/kilometer. It was a great 10K and I was feeling really strong. I made sure I had walk breaks in water stations and have a sip of water and some sports drink.

Buendia was really good except the part where water stations had no water. The part between Leveriza and Roxas Blvd. was really bad as there were a lot of vehicles polluting the air. That was where I started my walk-run pace. I would run for 3 lamp posts then walk 1 lamp post. 1, 2, 3, WALK – that was what I was doing the whole time until I felt stronger and started doing 8-3 lamp post intervals. I would go back to 1-3 every time I felt tired and walk going up fly overs.

Roxas Boulevard after the 21K turning point had a lot of waterless water stations. It didn’t help that the sun was starting to make its presence felt. I saw a lot of friends along the way. Up until the finish line.

I finished the marathon in 4 hours and 16 minutes.Photo by Joanne Raquel

Lessons learned:

  1. HOB shirt is very comfy.
  2. Chafed thighs – need more body glide or re-apply in the middle of the race.
  3. Pickles are definitely effective.
  4. Halo visors are great.
  5. Reconsider using a race belt. It makes the tummy bigger in photos.
  6. New Balance 1100’s are great!
  7. Gu energy gel every 8K.
  8. I can still push myself and try finishing faster.

About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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