Getting Ready Again

After that blog about giving up running and starting to focus on my dissertation writing, guess how many drafts I came up with for my proposal…

ZERO. Yeah I never wrote a word about how manipulating the way a test is written/administered would affect the number of biased items that would put a Deaf examinee at a disadvantage. So where is the muse when I need it most? I don’t know the muse must be running around the UP Academic oval, around Bonifacio High Street or going to McKinley Hills, or along Roxas Boulevard! So the muse may be running while I tried to write. It doesn’t help that the full version of the paper I presented in an international conference last year which was the basis of my dissertation is not in my laptop and is lost in the blackhole. Now I am lost as well.

Searching for inspiration, I found myself googling stuff about running. Well yeah I did some search on sign language adaptation and stuff but I always find myself looking at running workouts and marathon trainings. It doesn’t help that most of my facebook friends are runners. So I realised that I have actually signed up for a marathon in Macau in December. This one has a 5-hour cut off and you won’t be a finisher if you don’t meet the cut-off.

So here is the worst case scenario. Kit spending for tickets, accommodations, not finishing before the cut-off goes home with no finisher’s medal feeling frustrated. Of course going out of the country with friends is going to be a lot of fun but with no finisher’s medal, it will be incomplete.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have that YABANG AT KAPAL NG MUKHA in me but with my heavy butt I think I have been lazy these days. Makes me think of the marathons I finished and my finish times: QCIM 2010 (4:05), Condura Skyway 2011 (3:54), 2012 (6 hours pacing Nina), Milo 2011 (3:59), Camsur 2011 (4:34), Standard Chartered Singapore (5:11). Looking back, yeah I am confident that I still can finish before the cut-off but hey my most recent finish time was 5:11! Yeah it was in the middle of IMRT sessions but still, not finishing in 5 hours for Macau is still a possibility.

So yeah there is an imperative to shape up and start training again (Cue in Milo ‘Getting Ready’ song). So what do I do? I started running again (sometimes making mental notes about my dissertation while running to be put in paper soon). When I started running again, I felt different. I felt heavy. Yeah I have gained weight. Some 20 lbs of weight has slowed me down so I must start a lose weight program as well.

With realizations came responses from the universe. Milo Apex running clinic in MOA is like an answer from heaven. It was like saying “here I am, coming to a place convenient to you and with a schedule that fits your workout schedule.” So I joined. There is also the competitive me. So I need to be in a competition for me to get motivated. Here comes Absculpt challenge in the gym. A competition where contestants need to have perfect abs by December so I joined. I did it in the pretense that I wanted to avail of the discounts but hell no. I won’t be joining a competition without giving it a fight. So hello again no salt no sugar no fat food.

I am writing this to make me forget that I am craving for a dougnut. I am writing this to convince myself that I still can lose this 30lbs of fat that I am carrying. I am going to have abs on my birthday. No this is not about running. This is just me taking a break.


About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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