KOTR 2012

Adidas King of The Road is something I always look forward to every year since I started running. Especially when I joined the adination (aNR) of runners in MOA. I started joining in 2010, when I was just new to the sport. It was my 3rd 21K  and I enjoyed it a lot.

In 2011, I joined aNR team MOA and got a free race kit because of my attendance. I already had my race kit when I got operated. I was already out of the hospital on the day of the run but my tracheotomy (or something like that) wound was still open so I went to the race to cheer friends.

2012, I didn’t get a free race kit because I did not meet the minimum attendance requirement. I registered anyway. It was revenge time for me as I wasn’t able to run the previous year. Of course I also didn’t want to miss it as friends would surely be there. So there I was this morning. Wearing all adidas apparel and Nike shoes 😀 (would have wanted to wear adidas shoes but my adizeros are green and I was wearing another color so…)

Anyway, so I was there running and cheering friends all 16.8 kilometers of the way. I wanted a PR but I was feeling heavy (thanks to the Buddy’s pancit Lukban feast we had the night before). I was also feeling lazy (maybe it was the longganisa and the hardinera or the sisig that we ate). I tried running most of the time walking only on water stations but it was difficult (could be the ice cream we had for dessert).

1:35 according to my Garmin. That was how long I ran the 16.8 route. That includes stopping before the Kalayaan fly over and telling one photographer – “Kunan mo na ako ng picture ngayon habang maliit pa ang tyan ko.” I thought he was Soi (he looked like Soi only thinner and darker), my friend. I realized that it wasn’t him when I was already posing and he had that surprised look on his face while obliging to my request. I ran faster going up the flyover after that.

ImageSo after I finished and got my loot bag and my bag, I sat with friends near the finish line cheering friends. I told Rod about the photographer incident and he agreed the guy looked like Soi. And while we were talking about my embarrassment, Mr. Soi look-a-like walked in front of us! So I go – “Sorry ha, akala ko ikaw yung friend ko.” He laughed and said something like – “Di na kita makakalimutan sir.”
I think pretty soon he’s going to be in my facebook friends list.

KOTR more than PRs is also about friendship. Team mates, friends training together and cheering for each other. This year, I think I just had a new friend. Looking forward to KOTR next year.


About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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