My Cups

After the NatGeo Run last month, there has been a lot of talk about that guy who was complaining about paper cups scattered on the road during the race. People reacted talking about the environment, about throwing paper cups in the right place. Others criticized the guy being a newbie and his wrong use of the word marathon.

I didn’t really read that blog or whatever it was the guy wrote but I was just wondering, did he see those paper cups again say an hour after the race? Did he check if the race organizers picked them up and placed them in the right place?

Well I throw my those paper cups on the street during races. Arrest me if you want. See, these days races are not that cheap. I pay for registration fees and in my opinion, that includes the payment for a person to pick up cups that runners litter. Payment also includes road closure so I have the right to be mad at marshals (who are paid to keep the road unobstructed for runners) who stop me to let traffic pass the closed roads.

I try I honestly do to shoot the cups in the trash bins during the race. But I can’t do that all the time as there are times when I try my best to beat my personal record for the distance I am running. When you are trying to beat your PR, every second counts so I really don’t care.

This is not about achieving PRs though. For me, the issue is getting my money’s worth. You charge high registration fees, runners expect more from you. There are runs I don’t join because I feel like I don’t get my money’s worth.

Some people from my running group were complaining about high registration fees in some races. Well I told them that if they can’t afford those fees, then they are not forced to join those races. The message really is – as a runner, I pay registration fees for the runs I join and I have to get my money’s worth.



About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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