Tri Try

Office, 10:54 AM, Monday morning. It is the start of the work week. I started my day really early (earlier than the people working in the Iloilo Airport). I got to the office before 8:00 AM. Yeah its a Monday alright but I am dressed for a Friday, not a Monday. I am also feeling like a Friday, not a Monday.

I checked my office email while regularly checking on my Facebook page for photos from the weekend. The WEEKEND! This is a weekend hangover. As a matter of fact, my weekend bag is still with me. The weekend has just a lot of memories.

I was in Guimaras this weekend. It was my first try in doing a triathlon. Nope not yet the whole swim bike run thing, I just did the run for a relay team. It was a great experience. It was a lot of fun under the sun and under the mangoes!

When you are into running and you get bored trying to break your PRs, you either train and do an ultra marathon or a triathlon or both. Its about trying to challenge yourself some more. I already did the first one (57K Nuvali Trail Challenge) and thinking of doing the second one. I can swim but its not that competitive yet. I have a bike but its not that good and I haven’t trained for that yet.

Some running friends are training and now joining duathlons, aquathlons and triathlons. Running friends (who are also dreaming about joining a triathlon) would talk about future plans to join these events. It was one of those conversations after a group run that we formed a team and planned to join the Iron Man in Cebu this year. The team includes Jorge (swim), Paul (bike), Me (run).

The plan got us excited but Paul got injured so we had no biker hence we skipped registration for the Iron Man. I was thinking of inviting a biker friend but I learned that he already registered to do the Iron Man. Next year, next year, we thought. But Jorge found a biker and a triathlon to join so I gladly said yes to his invitation. So we (Ato replacing Paul) went to the beautiful Guimaras island trying this sport called triathlon.

I went to then island a day later as I took a late afternoon flight. On my way to the resort where we were booked, I saw kilometer markers along the way. “4K uphill course” one of the signs on the road announced. As the jeepney went up the uphill course, I was calculating how hard the run was going to be as I know that that was the route for the run.

The resort was full of athletes looking like athletes with their bikes and running singlets. I felt like a tourist when I arrived. You can feel the excitement in the resort and it was just contagious.

“I don’t want to be sun burnt,” that was what I told my team mates. “So please finish your leg fast!” I was not being competitive here. I just don’t want the heat of the sun while running 10K. We prepared our stuff and slept early for the competition. We tried 😀

Race day, I was shuttled to the transition point with the other runners. Looking at the runners with me, I was quite confident that in a 10K run, I could easily outrun a good number of them (of course that was based on looks). That is, if we started all at the same time.

Swimmers arrived at the transition point. So did some bikers. Our biker was no where in sight. I already consumed the sports beans I had out of the tension. I was starting to think of evaporating from the venue especially when there were only three of us left waiting for our biker and the top 3 relay teams were already finished.

Please let it be our biker! I started praying every time the marshal would signal a biker arriving. There he was! Our biker! Jorge and I got excited seeing Ato but he stopped and talked to the marshal so we shouted for him to come to the transition point and give me the baller band.

Off I went to the down hill 5K course. It was my best 5K ever. I broke my 21:21 PR for 5K! Well that was the first 5K which I finished in around 20 minutes. The 5K uphill was an entirely different story. While running, I passed by some triathletes and some runners (relay athletes) and I just admire the stamina of these triathletes. I was also thinking whether I’d be able to do what they are doing. I was actually doing the same while cheering in the BDM 102 earlier last month. It was the hardest 5K for me (took me around 40 minutes to finish). Good thing the last kilometer was downhill so I was able to sprint the last part of the course and finished!

Yes I did my 1st triathlon. It was great (Thank you Jorge and Ato) and fun. Now I am starting to think of doing it solo. BUT I have to qualify for the Milo finals first.


About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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One Response to Tri Try

  1. jorge says:

    nice idol… so happy to be part of the team. Thank you. 🙂

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