The Nathan Bulalo Experience

Nathan ridge run was on the list of many of my friends. I wanted it on mine too but I made a decision to slow down on running due to my treatment so I skipped the run. So when friends talk about the run, I talk about the food – BULALO. They were making plans on getting to the race venue, I asked to join them and asked about the best place to eat Bulalo. Everyone agreed to have bulalo after the race so that was worth the early morning road trip for me.

So the day before the race, while friends were thinking about hydration, and preparing for the race, I went to the gym to workout thinking about the delicious soup I was going to eat the day after. I came in exercise gear as I was thinking of doing my run in the place plus one of my friends might back out of the race last minute so I came prepared just in case. It was a bit late when we reached the place making our 21K runners around 5 minutes late for their gunstart. That made us rush and made me the valuables deposit guy of the team.

So there I was in the starting line with a paper bag of valuables from team mates and a camera. I forgot a major detail of the race – I had no hydration bottle. That meant no water for me. There were a lot of hydration available but since I dont have a container, I have no way to have a drink.

Since I have a camera, I started shooting pictures of people on the way to the finish line. It was fun taking photos though having your photos taken is still so much fun. I was getting impatient taking photos when friends started finishing. The thought of a hearty brunch just kept me going.

Bulalo, bulalo, bulalo that was what I was thinking as friends passed on their way to the finish line. So the race ended and off to eat Bulalo we went. We ate at Diner’s. It was the best part of the day and the bulalo was worth the trip!


About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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