“Tama na yan inuman na!” – Parokya ni Edgar

That was a line in a Parokya ni Edgar song about drinking. INUMAN – drinking session, bonding time with friends, and so many other operational definitions to drinking alcoholic beverages. It is also a name of an Elementary school in Antipolo, Rizal – INUMAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

I promised myself not to have alcohol in my system until I finish the Milo marathon. I even told my drinking buddy that there will be no alcohol for me for this month. Well, not last week. Last week was party time for the office. We had two end of financial year (EOFY) parties. I also had a friend celebrating his birthday.

Some people had stories of running after drinking the night before. I was thinking it was not a good idea but I found myself doing the same last week. Tuesday, I had a little wine at our office’s EOFY party. I was about to cancel my running plans when one of the bosses had a chat with me. I learned that he ran marathons and his best time was 3:18. Three hours eighteen minutes! Three hours eighteen minutes!

After hearing that, I decided that I was undertrained and I need to get to the Milo APEX running clinic at once. I said goodbye to officemates and went to BHS with a little wine in the system. I wasn’t drunk but I wasn’t exactly sober too but undertrained as I am, I needed to run. So run I did. When I joined the group, someone smelled my alcohol content and asked who it was who smelled like chico.

Guilty! I immediately responded. Well, I was not doing the exercises properly and there seem to bee a little too much boldness in me but I was able to complete the recovery run. It didn’t feel good but hey, 3:18!

Friday was another EOFY. This time I did not taste any alcohol. Problem is, it was just the first party of the night. the second party was a drinking party so drinking I did! “I’m going to be Cinderella tonight guys,” I warned friends. Well like Cinderella, I left after midnight keeping in mind that I had to be in UP early the next day.

Two hours of sleep was all I managed before the alarm went off and off I went to UP. Good thing it was not a long slow distance run. It was even better. We did hill repeats! I was out of breath after every climb up the hill. My headache was getting worse. I was sweating all the 5 bottles I drank the night before.

“What is wrong with you?” A friend asked. “I went to school last night,” I answered. INUMAN Elementary School :D.


About Kit Atienza

A researcher/runner/triathlete/cancer survivor who found himself in the world of development work. He enjoys, reflects, and rants about things while doing his job, improving his personal record in running distances, and training for the IronMan in 2016.
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